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To get to Cody, we traveled from West Yellowstone through the park. I was not sure what to expect after the big fires they had several years ago. it always me amazes me how nature repairs itself.  While traveling through the park we had an encounter with a Bison. I have had quite a bit of experience with bison, but this was like nothing I have ever experienced before. As I have traveled on this trip I have had a gopro camera going almost the whole time. I was fortunate to capture this encounter on video.


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Walport to Moses Lake https://www.michaelrphotography.com/blog/2020/8/walport-to-moses-lake So I guess daily writing is not my strong suite. So let me get you up to date.  We left Walport and continued up the coast through Depoe Bay, OR. This is the smallest harbor in the world. The Coast Guard has a station there. If you get a chance look up Depoe Bay on YouTube and there is a video of the Coast Guard doing towing training into the harbor. The video alone scares me to death I could not imagine actually towing a vessel into this harbor.

We then continued up the coast to Lincoln where we started heading east for the first time. When going through McMinnville, OR I found the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum. I needed a break and thought this would be a great way to stretch my legs. I was totally shocked to fine Howard Hughes’ “Spruce Goose” inside. Last time I saw this plane it was in Long Beach, CA and I remember being upset when Disney decided to not maintain it anymore. It was wonderful to see this “little” piece of Aviation History.

We spent the night in Vancouver with my Uncle Jim (Griz) and his wife then headed east on HWY 84 along the Columbia River to Bridal Veil Falls.  This was an very interesting ride. Going through the gorge was very desolate and scenic and HOT. This was the first really hot day with temps over 100 degrees and we traveled to Moses WA. Monday was the longest ride of the day with a total of 319 miles coved. By the way traveling on a motorcycle is very economical as we are averaging between 40 and 45 miles per gallon.  I am not sure if it is the 92 octane gas or traveling at slower speeds with the traffic.

Tuesday we traveled to Cle Elum, WA. This is the childhood home and finale resting place of SM1 Douglas Munro. SM1 Munro was a member of the Coast Guard during WWII serving on a navy ship during the Guadalcanal Campaign, driving landing craft for the Marines. During the second Battle of Matanikau the Marines position was over run by Japanese forces. He led the extrication of the Marines and was killed by gun fire at the age of 22 on September 27, 1942. Douglass Munro is the only Coast Guard member to be awarded the Medal of Honor. In 1992 I participated in the laying of a plaque at his grave site on the 50th Anniversary of his death. While at the ceremony I was able to meet a childhood friend of Munro’s named Mike Cooley. I mentioned Mike because at Munro’s Grave is a flag pole. Mike would raise and lower the U. S. Flag at the grave sited everyday from the time Munro was laid to rest until his death in 2008. Upon Mikes Death the Seattle Chapter of the CG Chief Petty Officer Association permanently lit the Flagpole to honor both Doug and Mike.


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Ft. Bragg to Waldport, OR https://www.michaelrphotography.com/blog/2020/8/ft-bragg-to-waldport-or Here it is, Sunday August 9th. I am learning some very interesting things so far on the trip during COVID times. 1st, what I thought would be a quiet, kind of a fly by the seat of your pants is anything but that. I guess everyone is tired of sitting around and there is much more traffic on HWY 101 then I could have ever imagined.  I seemed to remember traveling with my family and sometimes you could go for hours with out seeing another car.  Maybe that is just my memory.

Lodging is also different.  Since leaving Fort Bragg, CA. every town we have been through has had “no vacancy” signs at every hotel. We stopped for the night in Brookings, OR and was able to get what I believe to be the last tent site in the town.  Fortunately we had planned on some tent camping on this tri and was prepared, Just not this early in the trip

Met an amazing man name Bill at the parking lot of the Blue Water Café for breakfast. This chance meeting of another military vet let to about a 30 min conversation about people life lessons and the importance of being good to one another is starting to renew some faith in mankind. I know a little deep for what is supposed to be a photo blog.

I have been taking some photos and not that school work is done I can work on them and get them up on the web page soon. I also have 11 hours of video so stand by for that too.

I spent the night in Walp0rt, OR with a Magoos drinking buddy that lives here now. Had a great time and really appreciate the bed with out having to worry about vacancy’s. Will has it made here, house with a dock on a river looking out at the forest on the other side. Getting ready for a crab and eggs breakfast then hitting the road for Vancouver WA to see my Uncle Jim (Griz).

Until tomorrow.


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Concord to Ft Bragg, CA https://www.michaelrphotography.com/blog/2020/8/concord-to-ft-bragg-ca Well here we are, after 6 month of planning and waiting the first day of the epic road trip of 2020 is over. Wound up leaving the Concord Area about 10 am because I need to new patches sewn on my vest.  Thank you to “J&D Custom Embroidery” for getting the work done practically overnight.

It was Interesting as I drove down HWY 37, it was obvious that the big city was waning in my review mirror and I was headed for the open road. I still hit a little traffic passing through Petaluma but then the two lanes of the 101 felt wide open like it was 3am.

I headed west on HWY 128 and decided it was time to eat and stopped in Cloverdale at the “Hamburger Ranch &BBQ. I am always a big fan of stopping at hole in the wall spots for food, unfortunately this is not one I can recommend. I guess with Covid-19 I need to give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they have scaled back to as to not waste product or maybe they are having delivery issues. But the portions were tiny and not very flavorful and had a $16 price tag for lunch.

I get back on the 128 and I feel the stress of my day to day life melt away. Riding through the coastal redwoods with all the ferns around made me feel like I was in the Jurassic period.  I guess that is the influence movies have on us, I expected to see dinosaurs around the next corner. 

Well I made it to Ft Bragg and need to get some food and some sleep. All in all the first day was a huge success and cant wait to tell you about tomorrows adventures


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Motorcycle Photo Safari https://www.michaelrphotography.com/blog/2020/6/motorcycle-photo-safari Hello Friends, family and future friends,

Well for those that are interested, I am taking a 2 week Photo trip on my bike in August.  I am 60 days from leaving and really starting the prep process.  I don't really have a route planned out, just a rough idea. 

I plan to leave Concord and head up the coast to Coos Bay Oregon. I will head east from Coos Bay through Portland and into Washington. I also intend to travel through the north portion of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming (Yellowstone), Utah and Nevada.  

If you have anything you would like to see photos of or things you think I should see please let me know.  I am open to just about anything just have to be back home by August 23rd.

I intend to add video, photos and text everyday or every other day. If you want to follow along I would enjoy the virtual company.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.


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