Mike grew up in Orange County and moved to the Bay Area in 1991. Retired from the Coast Guard after 24 years of service in 2010. He studied photography at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.  


While serving in the U. S. Coast Guard and Navy, I was given opportunities to travel and visit counties all over the world. While doing this I found the best way to find about a culture is to go out on the back roads and discover the people. Not the people you see in the travel ads, but the everyday people, working to make a living and at the same time defining their culture.

Since retiring from the military, I have taken that same mindset to tour the United States. I travel the back roads of small towns. I don’t make any travel plans with the exception of picking a direction when I start a trip. When I get to an intersection, I decide then, which direction to turn. By doing this I can see the people of the United States. Experience the different cultures from small towns on old route 66 to large cities like Atlanta and Denver. My true vision is to find the same landscapes everyone is familiar with and photograph them using light and color with my own unique style. To open people’s minds with different perspectives.